Research.   Development.   Innovation. 

Business consulting
We specialize in services that combine management consulting, advanced analytics methods, information technology and scientific research.

Areas of expertise: 
Business continuity management
Advanced analytics in management
Competitive intelligence
Enterprise risk management
Information security management
Cyber security management
National security advisory
Non standard applications of analytics
Software solutions
We invent, design and develop innovative business solutions that address non-standard customer business needs and focus on creation of added business value.

Our interest goes to applications of scientific research and advanced analytics applied to national security and non standard managerial problems of large enterprises and leading edge innovation companies.

As we are experts in mobile technologies, data fusion, machine learning, realtime advanced analytics and business intelligence, our solutions perfectly match big data and internet of things era challenges.

Research and Development
Bushida Research and Development Centre carries out interdisciplinary research programmes on intelligence information fusion, analytics driven innovations in enterprise management, applications of advanced analytics for national security, cyber defence, cyber warfare and cyber operations.

The research projects are carried out and managed by scientists (professors, PhDs and MBAs) with strong academic background in security science, management science, mathematics, computer science and social science. 

Results of the research are applied to our consultancy and software solutions.